Here's a compilation of Vital Veggie Videos

The ideas of Hippocrates, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" are the theme of this page There are some very well informed people with a great depth of experience who in these videos share their knowledge and experiences regarding the healing qualities one can obtain from consuming nutrient dense foods. Please enjoy watching!

Take control of your health, eat healthy

Hear how Dr Wahls recovered from MS and then recovered through eating healthy food.

See the other videos in this series…

Gardening as a subversive action

Discover what you didn't know about gardening.

Growing a kitchen garden takes back control over your food. Lawns are a waste – grow more food.

The Veggie Orchestra

Great music from garden veggies

A truly amazing selection of percussion and woodwind.

If you eat you're in, regain food sovereignty

See what can be created with edible food scapes.

See the power of small steps in communities and people, to grow food.

Overcome MS with veggies… sure can!

Our everyday food sources have been so devolved from what is tasty, healthy and nutritious that we get sick…see what Dr Terry Wahls has to say…

Growing your own food puts you in control. Take the step.

Can we eat to starve cancer cells…?

Watch this new approach to beating cancer…

Learn what to eat to beat cancer… bok choy, strawberries, parsley and much more.

Seniors gardening

What a lovely story of community, companionship and growth.

All through planting a garden and caring for it. Pass the "good feeling" on.

A school veggie garden

See how to install a veggie garden at school…

It's an entirely rewarding experience and fun!

Ideas on staring a garden

Here's a few ideas on getting started…

Please call us at Vital Veggies because we have the good oil on soil

Community garden par excellence

A waiting list, great community. Check out their enthusiasm  for growing food.

Want to create your own community garden? Tell us and well help!

Some community gardens in the States

Converting vacant land into productive gardens. See how cities and derelict spaces can be transformed to feed people and create community

Food Sovereignty; a desirable goal for all

Watch this brief video from La Via Campesina where it's outlined what it means to have sovereignty over ones food supply.

There is not a topic of greater importance than food and its quality to promote wellness or illness. As a society we ignore this at our peril. Be a visionary and grow a garden. Take a step toward greater food independence.