Our "secret" lawn mowing service...

At Vital Veggies, we just grow organic vegetables. That's what our website says. We just grow vegetables. But also let's be practical. If we are caring for your veggies it's just good common sense we help you with your lawn mowing and maintenance. One visit, all jobs done.

Mind you, we still remain decidedly in favor of edible gardens over lawns. Anyway, please check out the video where the effects of chemicals on lawns are shown and maybe this will encourage you to plant more vegetable garden space?

This lawn mowing offer is exclusive to Vital Veggies Care clients only. Our expert team will care for your lawn, using all natural inputs to ensure it is always safe to enjoy in the many ways which a lawn can be appreciated.

We will mow, edge trim and clean up – removing all clippings as you wish. This offer applies to an average lawned area of 50 metres squared.

At regular intervals we will do what is required to keep it growing and healthy. You can choose to book us as you require or to establish a regular arrangement as we have for your Vital Veggies.

Regular commitment with you Vital Veggies care
A complete mow, edging and fertilize as is needed – 2 to 3 times a year. All done as part of your regular Vital Veggies Visit….
From just
$19.95 extra weekly or
$24.95 fortnightly
Every now and then…
We'll do everything needed to make your lawn look great. The grass is beautifully mower, all edge trimmed and then cleaned up.
Ask for when you want it…
$34.95 for a visit.