Why remineralize soil?

The arguments for remineralizing soil goes back to the end of the nineteenth century when two adversaries, Julius Hensel and Justus von Leibig fought it out for the favor of their ideas. The big money was to be made from the work of von Leibig and the rest is history. Those growing food were sold on NPK fertilization. The observant thinkers of the time could see and taste the difference between crops grown under the two different regimes and so it was in 1924 that Rudolf Steiner ran his Agriculture Course. The central problem even then was the declining quality of food.

Now almost 100 years on, we've lived through a Green Revolution, the bleating of GMO protagonists and finally the realisization that the soil could be a great place to store carbon dioxide in the form of organic matter. The need for sustainability has become a pressing imperative. This combined with advances in our knowledge of the soil and its web of life, are leading to a renaissance of natural farming systems.

The only challenge being, the moving truck inertia of the agro-chemical industry.

Remineralizing the soil means using rock dusts that are mined from the earth and this certainly won't make money for the chemical giants.

Watch the video and hear from Don Weaver on the benefits of complete mineralization of the soil all of which supports the soil web of life. In the absence of remineralization, our soils are in a continual state of depletion with each passing crop. This shows up in declining health for plants, animals and humans – we are all part of the same food chain. The thriving profession of health care is sad sad testimony! Please check out the video…

At Vital Veggies our starting point is to remineralize the soil so it becomes super soil. Biological organisms in this soil reproduce profusely setting the foundation for rapidly growing, balanced, healthy life. And this is the food we eat from a Vital Veggies garden.