It's all about the soil

Here are a few video resources that inspire us and talk about some of the things we do at Vital Veggies, all related to the soil. As Pete Seeger says, the health of the soil, plants and people are all one and the same - inseparable. The first rule of ecology is that everything is connected.

At Vital Veggies our soil is the foundation upon which everything rests. Please enjoy these videos!

Peter Segger on soils

Peter tells his story of farming, soils and his dedication to growing sustainably...

We use soil tests, balance our soils accordingly, feed the soil food web and use composts – all of which builds a soils fertility.

Leading research institute on soil

Jeff Moyer tells us what's important in growing food. Its all in the soil.

Hear Dr. Elaine Ingham on soil

Learn about soil health from an expert.

Dr Ingham is a leading researcher on soils and soil fertility. A strong advocate of promoting life in the soil - composts, microorganisms and how to get this web of life expanding to feed the plant.

More Elaine Ingham on soils

Lecturing in Hawaii in December 2011 on soils.

Dr Ingham is a leading authority on soils and how to stimulate soil life growing exceptionally healthy plants.