Feast on our Food Gardens

Below are some images of the food gardens we've installed around the suburbs of Adelaide South Australia. Follow the links to read all about the transformations.

Aldgate renovated garden

We love building gardens in the Adelaide Hills. For this garden, instead of building a completely new one we were asked to renovate the existing veggie garden plot that had become unproductive. Read about it here...
Aldgate BEFORE
Renovation of raised bed veggie garden in Aldgate Adelaide
Aldgate AFTER
Newly renovated veggie garden in Aldgate Adelaide

Birkenhead front yard vegetable garden

Beautiful food gardens enhance a front yard and often become a conversation feature. Lots of neighbours have commented on this front yard garden at Birkenhead. Read about it here...
Birkenhead BEFORE
Backyard vegetable garden installation in Birkenhead
Birkenhead AFTER
Installed backyard vegetable garden in Burkenhead

Bradbury raised beds on a slope

Building these massive raised beds on a slope was one of our more challenging installations. Read about it here
Bradbury BEFORE
Overview of backyard before the installation of vegetable garden in Bradbury Adelaide
Bradbury AFTER
Beautiful veggie garden installaed in Bradbury Adelaide

Lower Mitcham food garden

With a stylish and highly functional food garden like this, you get the best of two worlds: an abundance of beautiful, organic food and a gorgeous back yard that is a delight to be in… a lovely new age food garden. Read about it here
Lower Mitcham BEFORE
Vegetable Garden Installation in Glenelg Adelaide
Lower Mitcham AFTER
Installed food gardens in Glenelg Adelide

North Glenelg food garden

To get as much productive growing area as possible, we suggested a keyhole garden bed. It would maximise square meterage of growing space and also make use of the tall back fence for vertical growing. Read about it here...
North Glenelg BEFORE
Before the installation of side garden in North Glenelg Adelaide
North Glenelg AFTER
Vertical vegetable garden installed at North Glenelg Adelaide

Rainbow arbour at Marion

The new feature we were installing for the play area this time consisted of two garden beds of different heights, joined by an arching arbour over which vines will grow (with edible produce of course). Read about it here
Rainbow BEFORE
Rainbow AFTER
Newly installed frontyard garden beds in Myrtle Adelaide

Rosslyn Park hard wood raised beds

Another creative design challenge, this time constructing 2 hard wood raised beds that would sit on some steps and another raised bed below on sloping ground. Read about it here...
Rosslyn Park BEFORE
Rosslyn Park AFTER
Installation of herb and veggie garden in Roslyn park Adelaide