How to grow your own veggie garden

Vital Veggies has been some twenty years in the making. 

Roger Carthew, the founder of Vital Veggies has always had an interest in food, growing food and how it contributes to human health. Now he is growing food, so it is nutrient dense, healthy, easy to grow and most importantly, all natural, safe and fun to do.

Vital Veggies is a new breed of enterprise, in fact a social enterprise where the intent is to achieve a range of outcomes way beyond those you'd expect within a "for profit" organization. Vital Veggies wants to guide and teach people how to grow food in their own backyards - to in fact; empower them. Additionally, at a community level, it's to help set up community gardens with all the benefits that come from gardening in these spaces. And finally, it's to install gardens in kindergartens and schools and to provide educational sessions teaching children about the science behind gardening using natural means.

You'll discover more about social enterprises right here and you can watch an ABC television report on some Melbourne base social enterprises. Enjoy and we'd be delighted to talk more with you on our passion – that's helping people grow their own food.

Then, Vital Veggies commenced the making of biodynamic compost early in 2012, this being an essential ingredient to the Vital Veggies Service and needing to be made many months ahead of time.  A number of gardens have been running as trials throughout the suburbs of Adelaide with great success starting in 2010 and expanding during 2012. Results have been outstanding, with their very happy owners growing what was for them, previously impossible and they are enjoying having a garden like never before.

In the last few years, we have been developing and testing the soil, designing, making and testing the raised garden beds and verifying the cultural practices we are to use; plus establishing supplies of everything that goes into making our special blend of soil we call Vital Veggies super soil.  Now, at the end of 2012 there is a great confidence that the veggie growing service provided by the Vital Veggies team will lead to a surge in those growing vegetables in their own backyards, patios or even balconies.

Wherever there is a space, there is a Vital Veggie raised bed garden to fill it.

The entire service is designed to make it easier than going to the supermarket or shopping centre and a lot more good healthy fun.

Vital Veggies is helping you overthrow what is a dysfunctional food system dominated by mega-corporations, growing food that is a poor pass-off for anything approaching healthy. Vital Veggies is there to help you buck the system. Check out this video on the subversive activity of gardening.

Having read this, you can understand the goal of Vital Veggies is to build and service as many raised bed gardens as is possible throughout Australia's capital cities.  We are into healthy food, as it creates healthy people and families.