Food has less nutrients today

As a society we have lost the ageless wisdom of cultures past. How can it be that Hippocrate's wise words of more than two millennia ago, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” have been lost?

Propelled by the corporatization of our food supply and a farming community reliant on government based extension service advice, the reigning paradigm of growing food is facing some serious issues. Those issues revolve around declining crop responses to NPK fertilization, growing need for more and more chemical inputs, and conventional farming faced with a massive loss of top soil and soil mineral reserves and  finally the marketing of hybridized seeds and worse again, GMO seeds and crops.

This translates into a defilement of the food we are expected to eat. The tangible signs of which are a declining level of health and reduced life expectancy.

One explanation for the explosion of the obesity epidemic is the lack of nutrients in our foods. Our bodies so starved, yearn for what it so vitally needs and so eats more, and then more.  In the incisive book, Pottenger’s Prophecy  the authors detail how what we eat, breath and even think impacts on our epigenome for better, or much more often, for worse.  Please check out a brief video by one of the co-authors of Pottenger’s Prophecy, Gray Graham, N.T.P.

Then, here's a couple of links that take you to further discussion on the importance of eating a diet of diverse sources, little bits of all sorts of foods and knowing this food was grown in healthy, fully mineralized soils. If you can't do that, then maybe you should be considering growing your own food in balanced, mineralized soil?

Here's those links

The Way We Grow Food Is The Problem
The fruits and vegetables you eat today have fewer nutrients than they did in 1950, according to a study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. After comparing the nutrient values of 43 different types of fruits and vegetables in 1950 and 1999, researchers found decreases in vitamin, mineral, and protein content. Water content increased slightly.
Poor Diet Causes Disease
The American diet causes disease. It is composed of 25 percent animal products and 62 percent processed foods and only 5 percent of calories from fruits and vegetables.(1) We could not have designed a more effective cancer-causing, heart-attack-causing diet if we had scientifically planned it. Our nation's food choices have produced a population with widespread chronic illness and...
Still no free lunch
According to the report, Still No Free Lunch, food scientists have compared the nutritional levels of modern crops with historic, and generally lower-yielding, ones. Today's food produces 10 to 25 percent less iron, zinc, protein, calcium, vitamin C, and other nutrients, the studies show. Researchers from Washington State University who analyzed 63 spring wheat cultivars...

Don’t slip into the idea the problems identified are unique to the United States. Whereever  food is grown in conventional agricultural systems, the problems are real and serious. So it means the food is grown using artificial fertilizers, often highly hybridized seeds and /or GMO seed and making extensive use of chemicals to control pests, weeds and fungal outbreaks.  That is the predominate way food is grown in all “advanced” Western countries.  Organic production systems avert all of the afore said and also offer higher nutrient densities.

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